As a Recovering Theatre Major,
(podcast coming soon), I have been a storyteller for most of my life. After ditching the romanticized narrative of the starving artist, I decided it was time to create some autonomy in my life, build a thriving business, and give other creative womxn a chance to do the same. 

It's easier than ever to start a podcast, but as womxn, we tend to hesitate on taking the first step until we've charted the next ten. I started my company to provide BFF-level support to make sure no story goes untold due to "technical difficulties".  



Jaz is passionate about womxn taking up space and making their voices heard. She loves grilled cheese, books about witches and vampires falling in love, and making people laugh.

Jaz is an actor + director turned CEO who spent a pre-Covid decade living and adventuring in New York City. She now lives + works remotely with her hunky fiance planning a wedding, growing a business, writing a novel, producing a podcast, learning to roller skate, and working on her tendency to be an over-achiever.   

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We provide customized podcast support from launch to admin so creative womxn can make their voices heard.

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