Package 1: Soulmate Strategy sesh

Two 90-minute sessions

Personalized homework assignments

Customized Strategy

This package is for the podcaster, new or experienced, who wants to strategize from exactly where they're at. Whether you're looking for launch strategy or how to pivot in Season 2, this package is for you.

Starts at $300

Workflow Templates 

package 2: ride or die (most popular)

Monthly Production Meeting

Social Media Graphics

1 Podcast episode/week

Publishing & Distribution

Show Notes

Ready to be a rockstar pod-host but don't want to be bogged down by alllll the things? We've got you! With our Ride or Die package we'll handle all production and be sure your podcast is running like a well-(coconut)oiled machine. 

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Week 1: Podcast Strategy - What story do you want to tell?

Week 4: Podcast launch strategy!

Week 2: Creative assets - cover art, music, social graphics, etc...

Week 3: Produce the trailer of our best friend's podcast! (That's you)

Get your own personal podcast BFF to walk you through every step towards launching your podcast. We'll deliver all creative assets AND produce your podcast trailer! 


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